Welcome to GIVR’s documentation!

givr is a GPLv3 licensed, type-safe API for rendering geometry. It was primarily developed by Lakin Wecker, Jeremy Hart, Andrew Owens, Kathleen Ang with guidance from Dr. Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. It was developed for use in CPSC 587 - Computer Animation at the University of Calgary.

Computer graphics programs are incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get immediate feedback about your program when you run it, the results are enjoyable to watch and can be shown to your friends and family. However, modern Computer Graphics programming environments are complicated. They are designed to allow for maximum flexibility and performance and leave you to do much of the verification yourself. It is very easy to make a program that compiles, runs and produces no output on the screen.

givr provides an API for getting basic geometry onto the screen with few lines of code and with a type-safe API that prevents many common errors. It is written using C++-17 and provides syntax that allows you to quickly specify geometry details, style parameters and the camera/projection (view) such that the geometry appears on screen.

It makes use of C++ templates and type checking to ensure that only compatible instances of each are used together and that all required parameters are specified.

givr requires that you provide an OpenGL context and allows you to use any windowing and user input library. It also requires that you provide the main loop for your program.

This documentation is split into three parts. The first part is a general introduction to graphics programming and will cover how graphics programs are often organized and which concepts are necessary. The second part is a user manual, which guides you through downloading, building and running your first givr based program. The third is a reference manual that covers all of the API and their parameters.

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